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Unlike numbers of air passengers, the total number of aircraft movements (take-offs, landings, missed approaches, or oceanic overflights) has not changed much over the past 15 years.


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AR008 International Flights per Year

Core dashboard information


Number of movements by airport by calendar year in thousands. Movements include take-offs, landings, or missed approaches. All airports specifically shown are attended airports. Unattended airports are grouped together as "Unattended Airports". Statistics on unattended airport movements generally include only movements under Instrument Flight Rules, and may exclude movements under Visual Flight Rules. Also shown are 'Oceanic Overflights', which are flights that passed through New Zealand airspace without landing.

Nature of data

Primary source

Airways New Zealand (2009+). Prior to 2009, unpublished data from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Custodian of data

Ministry of Transport

URL https://www.airways.co.nz/products-and-services/air-navigation-services/aircraft-data-services/
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation By airport
Quality of the data


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