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The number of passengers undertaking a cruise in New Zealand, has grown by around 13% per annum, which is much faster than the rate of growth in the industry globally. (1)

(1) https://newzealandcruiseassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Cruise-Tourisms-Contribution-to-the-New-Zealand-Economy-2018-FINAL.pdf, p. 1.

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Core dashboard information


Both sets of figures count unique passengers in each year ending 30 June, with controls to count passengers that undertake multiple voyages only once. For the Stats NZ figures, these are based on unique passport numbers taken from Advanced Passenger Information data sourced from Customs NZ, as supplied by cruise ships . The only difference in the NZ Cruise Association/Market Economics figures is that they also capture passengers on domestic voyages (e.g. comedy cruises, wine and food cruises and some Sub Antarctic cruises), who do not pass through immigration control.

Nature of data

Primary source

NZ Cruise Association/Market Economics: Annual reports on cruise tourism's contribution to the New Zealand economy prepared by Market Economics for the New Zealand Cruise Association
Stats NZ: Stats NZ cruise ship traveller and expenditure statistics

Custodian of data

Market Economics and Stats NZ

URL NZ Cruise Association/Market Economics:
2002/03-2015/16: unpublished report: 'Economic Impact of the 2015–2016 Cruise Sector in New Zealand and Forecasts to 2018', Full Report, Table 13, provided by the New Zealand Cruise Association
2016/17: https://www.tourismnewzealand.com/media/3152/cruise-tourism-contribution-to-the-new-zealand-economy-2017.pdf, Figure 2.2
2017/18: https://newzealandcruiseassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Cruise-Tourisms-Contribution-to-the-New-Zealand-Economy-2018-FINAL.pdf, Figure 2.2
Stats NZ (all years):
Frequency Annual
Disaggregation National
Quality of the data


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