The Transport Domain Plan (the Domain Plan) ensures that the transport sector has the right data and information. It aims to help the transport sector to better coordinate how agencies collect and manage data and knowledge, and ensure that existing information is visible, and easy to use. Ultimately, it will help maximise the value of data by enabling greater data sharing and integration.

To do so, the Domain Plan

  • outlines the main statistical and information priorities for the transport sector, and provides guidance on how to address them
  • provides a tool for targeting research and investment across the transport sector, and creates a common approach for how sector agencies prioritise transport data and research

The key elements of the Domain Plan include:

  • Identifying eleven topics of data, statistical and research interest
  • Enduring questions that need to be answered in relation to each topic
  • Defining and framing the problems to be resolved in relation to each topic and enduring question
  • Identifying the responses and likely actions required; and

The Domain Plan has been developed alongside the Transport Research Strategy, and uses the Triple-4 knowledge development and prioritisation framework developed as part of the Strategy to establish the priority areas for transport data and information. The Domain Plan and Research Strategy are complementary documents. Together, they provide the strategic direction we need to fill key data, information and knowledge gaps.

If you have any questions about the Transport Domain Plan, or would like to request further information, you can email

Statistics New Zealand coordinates the programme of domain plans across government. You can access other domain plans (external link)on the Statistics NZ website.