About Us

The Forecasting Knowledge Hub is a community of practitioners, modelling specialists and policy advisers that provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration on modelling/forecasting techniques, methodologies and related issues across the transport sector.

We run a range of seminars and other discussion forums with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience to help improve understanding and capability of transport modelling and demand forecasting.


  • To improve the understanding, application and use of key assumptions, modelling/forecasting techniques and methodologies across the transport sector. The scope includes all transport models and types (passenger and freight).
  • To provide a forum for sector modelling specialists to present and discuss topic issues.
  • To provide advice and guidance to enable the enhancement of knowledge and capability in the transport sector especially in the modelling and forecasting area.


Quarterly meetings involving a presentation on a specific topic combined with a discussion of the forecasting work going on in the various transport sectors (road, freight, maritime, aviation, rail, active modes and revenue).


The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing forecasting-related data, information and research.

To join, please email KnowledgeHub@transport.govt.nz