About Us

The Household Travel Knowledge Hub is a community of people interested in household and personal travel. Its aim is to facilitate information sharing around household and personal travel, and understanding changing information needs and the availability of new data and analytical techniques.

We run a range of seminars and other discussion forums with the aim of sharing travel information and communicating what is out there with a wider audience to help better inform decision making.


  • To facilitate information sharing aound household and personal travel and associated data sources.
  • Aspects of this include but are not limited to:
    • Understanding the changing information needs around household travel.
    • Sharing knowledge around new and existing data techniques and sources such as emergent technologies, and new areas which may influence our understanding of household travel.
      For example use of the New Zealand Household Travel Survey panel and potential data sources around public transport use such as Snapper/Hop.


  • Email/contact list for smeinar and data dissemination updates.
  • Regular informal meetings and/or seminars for¬†wider community.
  • Meet approximately twice a year.
  • Advertise seminar/publications of interest to the community as they¬†occur.


The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing Household travel-related data, information and research.

To join, please email KnowledgeHub@transport.govt.nz