Monitoring of, and reporting against, the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on land transport is important to:

  • determine to what extent the Government’s transport priorities, objectives and results are being achieved
  • ensure New Zealanders can be confident that the government is investing in transport efficiently and effectively
  • support the continual improvement of the GPS and the transport investment appraisal system to achieve effective transport outcomes.

GPS monitoring and evaluation work programme

We are establishing an ongoing work programme to increase the quantity and quality of GPS monitoring and evaluation. This work programme has 3 components:

  • developing a set of reporting measures for each GPS
  • producing and publishing annual monitoring reports against these measure sets
  • conducting up to 2 ‘deep dives’ per year to examine specific aspects of the GPS in more detail.

Deliverables for each year are listed in the summary table below.

Year Measures development Annual reporting Deep dives
2018/19 Develop draft GPS 2018 measures    

Finalise GPS 2018 measures

Develop draft GPS 2021 measures

GPS 2018 year 1 report Review of the approach to value for money
2020/21 Finalise GPS 2021 measures  GPS 2018 year 2 report  1 deep dive
2021/22   GPS 2018 year 3 report  Up to 2 deep dives (including a 3-year impact evaluation of GPS 2018)
2022/23 Develop draft GPS 2024 measures GPS 2021 year 1 report  Up to 2 deep dives
2023/24 Finalise GPS 2024 measures GPS 2021 year 2 report  Up to 2 deep dives
2024/25   GPS 2021 year 3 report  Up to 2 deep dives (including a 3-year impact evaluation of GPS 2021)
2025/26 Develop draft GPS 2027 measures GPS 2024 year 1 report  Up to 2 deep dives
2026/27 Finalise GPS 2027 measures GPS 2024 year 2 report  Up to 2 deep dives
2027/28   GPS 2024 year 3 report  Up to 2 deep dives (including a 3-year impact evaluation of GPS 2024)

 Additionally, we will also focus on work to:

  • integrate GPS reporting with other Ministry reporting (e.g. online dashboards)
  • support the development of measures identified but not yet able to be reported against (including working with external data holders)
  • identify topics of interest that would benefit from a deep dive approach.

Key publications

Links with other Ministry work

This fits with a wider programme of work being done to strengthen the transport evidence base, including:

  • Transport Evidence Base Strategy
    The Transport Evidence Base Strategy aims to ensure the transport sector has the right data, information, research and evaluation to deliver an evidence-based transport system that improves wellbeing and liveability. Reporting against the GPS contributes to developing the transport evidence base.
  • Transport Indicators
    The Transport Indicators are based on the Transport Outcomes Framework and track progress towards the five outcomes of the transport system (inclusive access, healthy and safe people, environmental sustainability, resilience and security, and economic prosperity). The Transport Indicators are multi-modal and outcome-focused, while the GPS measures include input, output and outcome measures relating to investment from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The Transport Indicators and GPS 2018 measures were developed in parallel and reflect each other as much as possible.

Wider government work

The GPS measures and Transport Indicators also supplement other government reporting frameworks and dashboards:

For further information about GPS monitoring and evaluation, contact