This is the first annual report on the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on land transport 2018. It reports on collective progress against overall delivery of GPS objectives for the first year (2018/19), using the measures identified against the GPS 2018 short-term results [PDF, 1.1 MB].

Year 1 reporting

We are working to strengthen our reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the GPS. The focus of the Year 1 report is to build the necessary foundation including collating baseline data, and limited analysis and interpretation is provided. More comprehensive analyses of the effects and impacts of GPS investments will be developed and built on in future years through a structured monitoring and evaluation programme.

Due to data availability, not all of the measures proposed for the GPS 2018 reporting are available to report on but will be incorporated into reporting in future years as they become available. Similarly, for measures that are reported against, not all breakdowns (e.g. geographic) are available for each measure.

Rather than reflecting the order of the short to medium term results in the GPS itself, the report is structured around the four strategic priorities to provide a more cohesive picture of progress against these priorities and their associated objectives. This also avoids repetition since many of the measures are used to report against more than one result.

Download the Year 1 report

The report has been published in four parts. The Safety, Access, and Environment priorities also have supplementary spreadsheets which include the data presented in the respective report, as well as additional data and breakdowns. 


Access (including choice and resilience)


Value for money

The summary table details what data is included in each of the reports and/or spreadsheets.