New technologies are rapidly developing which promise to revolutionise transport. Many of these technologies have the potential to help make New Zealand’s transport system more effective, efficient, clean, resilient, safe and responsible.

The Government has a key role in encouraging these technologies, including by ensuring that New Zealand’s laws enable new beneficial technologies to be used.

The Government’s transport technology work is focused particularly on intelligent transport systems (ITS) across air, sea, road and rail transport and in June 2014 published the ITS Technology Action Plan [PDF, 342 KB].

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The Ministry of Transport is working with other government agencies and businesses to help ensure the full benefit of new technologies can be realised.

The Ministry of Transport is taking an active interest in specific transport technologies.

And we have a particular interest in encouraging trials of ITS technology in New Zealand.

The 2016 Vehicle Standards Map and Inventory

The 2016 Vehicle Standards Map and Inventory describe vehicle technologies and performance standards that government transport officials believe have potential to improve the safety and resource efficiency of vehicles in New Zealand.


Here are some transport technology technical terms and acronyms.