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Road vehicle technologies are developing rapidly, using new information, computing and telecommunications (ICT) technologies. These technologies will potentially improve vehicle safety, emissions and efficiency. However, some technologies raise issues concerning regulation, standards and provision of infrastructure.

Future road vehicle standards

As part of our Safer Journeys work, the Ministry of Transport has developed a Vehicle Standards Map and a Vehicle Standards Inventory. These two documents seek to identify new technologies that have the potential to improve safety and efficiency. They will be reviewed regularly and updated. Consideration will be given to whether any of the technologies should be mandated or publicised.

Read more about the Map and the Inventory on the Safer Journeys website (external link)

A good example of the value of assessing these technologies is the government’s 2014 decision to mandate the fitting of electronic stability control to road vehicles.

The government’s RightCar(external link) web site provides additional information about the safety features, fuel economy and emissions of individual vehicle models.

Specific road transport technologies

Please see more information on the following technologies: