The Transport Research Strategy creates an environment that ensures investment in the right research.

The Strategy provides a framework for fostering a better research environment that emphasises collaboration, maximises the economic and social benefits of the transport system and minimises harm.

The Transport Research Strategy gives clear guidance on the direction for transport research and outlines how the diverse research community can collaborate into the future.

The Research Strategy includes four critical and inter-related enablers:

  • Investing in the right research which includes the Triple-4 Framework for knowledge development and prioritisation
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Ensuring visibility
  • Accessing and investing in the right capability

The Transport Research Strategy has been developed alongside the Transport Domain Plan. The Research Strategy and Domain Plan are complementary documents. Together, they provide the strategic direction we need to fill key data, information and knowledge gaps.

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Transport Sector Strategic challenges and actions map

The CAGC have released the first version of Strategic Challenges and related actions map.

The CAGC has identified these strategic challenges help us:

  1. understand what is important and what might be impeding us from having a transport system that maximise social and economic impacts and minimises hard
  2. set priorities to make sure things are done in the right order to achieve the goals

The Actions Maps by no means will include all possible activities being and/or soon to be conducted by the transport sector and the research community. With inputs from you, we would like to improve and update it where possible.

Please email if you have any ideas, additions or feedback.