The Minister of Transport, Gerry Brownlee, has released an Intelligent Transport Systems Action Plan for consultation.

Intelligent transport systems are those in which information, data processing communication, and sensor technologies are applied to vehicles (including trains, aircraft and ships), transport infrastructure and transport users. They have the potential to transform transport systems for all modes of transport. For example, the cars of the future may be so well equipped that they are almost impossible to crash.

The Action Plan sets out the government’s strategic aims for intelligent transport systems (ITS) in New Zealand, and takes a multimodal, multiagency approach to identify and remove barriers to the introduction of ITS.

“What started out as a conversation between the Ministry and ITS stakeholders on ITS technologies in New Zealand has evolved into a comprehensive and coordinated multiagency four-year plan,” said Acting General Manager, Aviation and Maritime, Nick Brown.

The Action Plan was preceded by an ITS Conversation Paper that involved the ITS sector and government agencies identifying potential barriers and mitigations to making the best use of ITS in New Zealand.

“Our conversation with stakeholders identified a desire for government leadership and strategic guidance to ensure that ITS delivers the greatest benefits to New Zealand. The Action Plan contains 38 actions for government agencies to undertake over the next four years. The actions are designed to indentify and reduce barriers and to help introduce ITS technologies into New Zealand,” said Mr Brown.

Examples of ITS currently in use include active network management systems in the aviation, maritime and land transport areas. Many companies are using fleet management systems to help reduce fuel consumption, manage maintenance of the fleet, and plan efficient journeys. Advanced driver assistance systems including lane departure warnings, electronic stability control, collision avoidance, and adaptive cruise control are becoming more common in motor vehicles. In public transport, technology is already transforming how we plan and pay for use of services.

The consultation is open to the public and the Ministry is particularly keen to hear from the parties that contributed to the conversation paper.

“We want to confirm that the Action Plan is clear about the government’s strategic aims for the transport system and how ITS can help to meet these aims. We also want to confirm that the Plan has captured our conversations with stakeholders,” said Mr Brown.

The consultation is open until 5pm Friday 17 January 2014.

Read more about the ITS Action Plan consultation.

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