The Ministry of Transport’s Annual Report 2012/13 was tabled in Parliament last month.

In the report’s opening message, Chief Executive Martin Matthews said the Ministry would continue to lift its performance and capability over the next two years.

“We are now concentrating our energies on ensuring our work will make a difference to the whole transport system.

“We have worked to establish a better picture of how freight moves around New Zealand. We have started to develop a strategy for improving New Zealand’s vehicle fleet, and we commenced a project to ‘map’ the entire transport system.”

During the last year, the Ministry has developed several regulatory reforms that progress the government’s policy of better quality regulation.

For example, Cabinet approved the Ministry’s recommendations to introduce changes to the warrant of fitness, certificate of fitness, annual vehicle licensing and transport services licensing system. This will save New Zealanders $1.8 billion over the next 30 years.

And the Ministry oversaw the completion of rule changes that simplify the on-road operation of agricultural vehicles. This will result in an estimated net benefit to the agricultural sector of $51 million over 25 years.

The first Safer Journeys Action Plan was also completed and a new one developed for 2013-15 that will deliver safer road journeys for New Zealanders.

The Ministry also engaged in its most active round of air negotiations ever, finalising 11 new air services agreements.

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