Ministry of Transport Futures Visions

Will we see the return of supersonic flight? When will we see fully autonomous cars on our roads? What if we could reduce the road toll from 300 to 30? Could electric charging points one day outnumber petrol pumps?

The Ministry of Transport has looked at these questions and others, releasing four visions of how New Zealand’s transport system could look in the future.

The four visions are:

  • The future of air travel
  • The future of road safety
  • The future of data and intelligence in transport
  • The future of low-carbon transport

Ministry of Transport Chief Executive, Martin Matthews, says the Ministry was doing futures work to broaden the Ministry‘s own long term thinking, and to help spark discussions about short and long term possibilities for the transport sector.

“The Ministry of Transport’s role is to help the Government make decisions that will improve the lives of New Zealanders, over both the short and long term. To do that, we need to understand how changes in technology and other factors might affect transport,” Mr Matthews says.

“This is why we have released these visions on a new Transport Futures section of our website, which has a range of information - including video, slidedecks, and ‘stories’ that paint a picture of how different parts of the transport system could look in the future.”

Mr Matthews said the visions were not predictions of what will happen, just what could happen.

“We don’t present this work as the views of industry or government policy, but we think it is important to have a broader discussion about what New Zealanders want from the transport system, now and in the future,” Mr Matthews says.

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