Ministry of Transport Deputy Chief Executive, Andrew Jackson, says transport modelling and demand data released today will help drive better transport decisions.

“Modelling helps improve our understanding of demand across the whole transport system, and releasing this information offers benefits to decision makers outside of central government,” Mr Jackson says.

“I am particularly pleased that the Ministry of Transport’s air passenger departures forecast model is being released for the first time. This could be a valuable source of information for airlines, local government and others planning transport networks.

“Also being released are reviews of the forecasting model for the National Land Transport Fund, and the latest revenue forecasting snapshots.

“This is part of the Ministry’s extensive research programme, which helps people understand the past, take stock of the present and anticipate the future demands and requirements of the transport system.

“The Ministry undertakes modelling to improve its understanding of the key drivers of transport demand, and provide insights into demand and investment related matters.

“In line with its commitment to open data, the Ministry of Transport is working to ensure better public access to its data and information.

“Over the next two months we’ll also be releasing a publication which looks at how household travel has changed over the last 25 years, launching a website on what the future might hold for transport, publishing our draft research strategy and draft Domain Plan, and convening a research conference drawing on information from across the Government transport sector.

“This will allow more informed decisions, and unlock the full value from research activity and spending,” Mr Jackson says.

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