What is our Transport Future?

We are on the cusp of fundamental change in transport - wrought primarily by advances in technology.

Will we see the return of supersonic flight? 

When will fully autonomous cars be the only car on our roads?

What if we could reduce the road toll from 300 to 30?

Could electric charging points one day outnumber petrol pumps?

The Ministry of Transport is taking a whole of system, long-term view of the future of transport to help in our role as the Government’s adviser on transport. We want to stimulate wider debate and generate ideas on the possible future of New Zealand’s transport system by sharing our visions of how we think the transport system could look in the future.

The visions we are sharing are not predictions about what will happen, just what could happen.

Explore the content on these pages to learn about some of the possibilities for the future of transport. Have your say by using the polls and feedback forms to explore the transport future you would like to see. This information and your views will inform our future work.

What is your vision for the future of transport?

Futures Visions – Questions and Answers

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Explore your preferred transport future by sharing your view on our futures polls. Help us make our work better by giving us your feedback on our futures visions. What do you imagine is possible?

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