Australasian Road Safety Conference

The 2018 conference will be held in Sydney 3-5 October.

The 3-day conference Program covers the 5 major topic areas aligned to the United Nation’s 5 Pillars of Road Safety:

  1. Road Safety Management

  2. Road Infrastructure (Safer Roads)

  3. Safer Vehicles

  4. Road User Behaviour

  5. Post-Crash Care, Data and Crash Analysis

For further details see the conference web site: link)

About Us

The Transport Safety Knowledge Hub is a community of researchers that provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration on transport safety related research and data analysis.

We run a range of seminars and other discussion forums with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience to help drive the quality of research and data analysis in transport safety.


  • To act as a channel to help implement the Transport Research Strategy and the Transport Domain Plan.
  • To raise awareness of relevant research, data analysis techniques and data availability across the transport sector - including international research and connections.
  • To identify information/research gaps.
  • To ensure research is relevant and to facilitate the take-up of research for policy development.
  • To identify opportunities for collaboration amongst members.
  • To reduce duplication and provide the opportunity to learn from, and build on others' work.
  • To drive quality by providing a forum for peer review and critique.


  • Seminars on current and planned research and data analysis relating to transport safety.
  • Regular updates on relevant research and events.
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge conference.


The hub is open to anyone interested in sharing safety-related data, information and research.

To join, please email