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Strategic Policy Programme
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Economic development: A review of the key themes in the international literature

Exploring the main themes from more than a century of thinking about economic development, this report informs the Ministry’s view of the relationship between transport and economic development. Read more... 

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New Zealand's Road Safety Strategy 2010-2020

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Marine Protection Rules Part 102: Certificates of Insurance

The Ministry of Transport, in conjunction with Maritime New Zealand, sought feedback on a proposed rule amendment that increases the minimum financial assurance requirement for offshore installations from 14 million International Monetary Fund Units of Account (approximately NZ$26 million) to 162 million International Monetary Fund Units of Account (approximately NZ$300 million).

The intention of the consultation was to identify and determine the potential impacts should the minimum requirement be increased.

The requirement applies only to offshore installations.

Consultation closed on Friday 27 June 2014.

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Supplementary Fund Protocol, 2003

The Ministry of Transport sought feedback on a proposal that New Zealand accedes to the Supplementary Fund Protocol, 2003. New Zealand’s accession to the Supplementary Fund Protocol, 2003, would give New Zealand access to compensation from the Supplementary Fund in the event of a major marine oil spill from an oil tanker. This would increase the compensation available to New Zealand from up to $377 million, to up to $1.392 billion.

Consultation closed on Friday 27 June 2014.

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Road toll
2013 road toll 253
2014 road toll 295
12 months to 17 April 2015 312
1 Jan to 17 April 2015 96
1 Jan to 17 April 2014 79


Government Policy statement on land transport

Government Policy Statement on land transport

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