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Where we started

The Ministry of Transport was created in 1968, after a merger between the Transport Department and the Civil Aviation Department, which also incorporated the Meteorological Service. We started with 2,700 staff, growing to 4,200 staff in the mid-80s.

In the late 80s and 90s, various parts of the Ministry were split into Crown entities and state-owned enterprises to reflect wider roles and responsibilities, and to ensure better regulatory and operational oversight.

Today we operate as the steward of the transport sector, working together with the other transport agencies to shape the future of transport. We have approximately 180 staff in 2 locations — Wellington and Auckland.

Our government transport partners 

Taking the lead to improve our transport system

People and their wellbeing are at the heart of what we do. The transport system connects us with whānau and friends, our homes with our workplaces, and New Zealand with global markets.

Our leadership roles give us a unique view of New Zealand’s transport system. We use this to provide impartial and expert advice, implement the Government’s priorities, and monitor and guide the sector.

We go all out to ensure our transport system improves wellbeing and liveability. And we do this by ensuring all New Zealanders and our environment can be healthy and safe, and the economy can prosper.

Our strategic direction 

Collaboration is key

Strong partnerships are vital to the success of our work. We collaborate widely when we develop policy and regulatory advice so our transport system reflects the diverse needs of New Zealanders.

We work closely with other government agencies, local authorities, interest groups and transport operators to realise opportunities, mitigate the risks and ensure the transport system improves wellbeing and liveability. We recognise the importance of sharing our insights and data to support collaboration.

Our government transport partners 

Our ministers and people 

Shaping the future

In everything we do, we consider the future of transport, always with an eye on and achieving the best results for all New Zealanders.

We anticipate emerging opportunities and risks by monitoring, modelling and researching. This means the projects and research we take on help to inform transport decisions have the most positive long-term impacts.

We also build our own capability so we have the right skills, knowledge, experience and culture to deliver our work and achieve a resilient, safe transport system.

Work for us 

Statistics and insights