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Published 22 Apr 2022

Regulatory Impact Summary - Tackling Unsafe Speeds

Te Manatū Waka – Ministry of Transport is solely responsible for the analysis and advice set out in this Regulatory Impact Statement, except as otherwise explicitly indicated. This analysis and advice have been produced to inform key (or in-principle) policy decisions to be taken by Cabinet.

Published 01 Nov 2021

Track User Charge_Cost Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS).

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Published 19 Oct 2021

Regulatory Impact Statement: Revoking the time-limited licence policy

This is the Regulatory Impact Statement which sets out the options that officials considered in providing advice to Cabinet.

Published 30 Sep 2021

Cost Regulatory Impact Statement for Rail Track User Charge

This Cost Regulatory Impact Statement assesses options for the Railway Track User Charge, which provides funds for rail activities included in the Rail Network Investment Programme (RNIP). Revenue generated by the charge will flow into the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

Published 17 Sep 2021

National security considerations within the civil aviation regime

The Ministry of Transport prepared this Regulatory Impact Statement in 2016. It analyses options to provide a regime to address risks to national security arising from civil aviation activities. This document accompanied the Cabinet paper Review of the Civil Aviation Act and Airport Authorities Act: Key Policy Decisions.

Published 08 Jul 2021

Moving to a low emissions light vehicle fleet

Regulatory Impact Statement to assess the options to accelerate demand for low emission vehicles. Proactively Released.

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Published 06 Jul 2021

RIA for Extending the Light Electric Vehicle Road User Charges Exemption

Regulatory impact assessment on extending the light electric vehicle road user charges exemption until 31 March 2024. Proactively released.

Published 05 Aug 2020

Updated Impact Statement: Enhanced Drug Driver Testing

This Impact Summary was originally prepared to support policy decisions taken by Cabinet in
December 2019. The substantive updates included in this version are assessments of specific components of the overall regime agreed by Cabinet and are included as appendices to this Impact Summary. Proactively released. 

Published 02 Jun 2020

Increases to Road User Charges for 2020 to fund the GPS on Land Transport 2018

The purpose of this Impact Summary is to assess options for increasing the rates of road user charges to fund the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport 2018. Proactively released. 

Published 19 Mar 2020

Impact Summary: Transport Instruments

This proposal on Transport Instruments is a minor part of the Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendments Bill, proposed for introduction in December 2019.

Published 11 Dec 2019

Sustainable Funding for the Rail Safety Regulator

This Cost Recovery Impact Statement describes and identifies the estimated costs of providing the Transport Agency’s rail safety function, including providing additional resources for the function to enhance its capability and capacity. 

Published 09 Dec 2019

Enhanced drug driver testing

Regulatory impact statement on enhanced drug driver testing.

Published 05 Dec 2019

Strengthening NZTA’s Regulatory Capability and Performance

Regulatory impact statement on strengthening the New Zealand Transport Agency’s regulatory capability and performance.

Published 02 Dec 2019

New Planning and Funding Framework for Rail in New Zealand

This paper summarizes the planning and funding framework for heavy rail in New Zealand.

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Published 29 Oct 2019

Preliminary Regulatory Impact Statement

Preliminary regulatory impact statement for the Accessible Streets Package.

Published 22 Oct 2019

Small Issues Rule Amendments

This Regulatory Impact Statement presents a set of proposals that do not meet criteria for an Omnibus rule change but that also do not, taken individually, warrant the resources of a standard rule change process. Prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Transport.

Published 22 Oct 2019

International Civil Aviation Organization Alignment Project 2017

This RIS proposes a number of amendments to the CARs to align New Zealand with the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in the annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation 1944. Prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Ministry of Transport.

Published 22 Oct 2019

ADS-B OUT Mandate above FL 245

This Regulatory Impact Statement has been prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority with input from Airways New Zealand.

Published 21 Oct 2019

Aircraft Emergency Location Equipment

This Regulatory Impact Statement provides an analysis of options to improve the regulatory framework for aircraft emergency location equipage requirements in New Zealand. Prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Ministry of Transport. 

Published 16 Oct 2019

Tackling Unsafe Speeds

Regulatory impact analysis on tackling unsafe speeds.