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This plan sets out details of our gender pay gap, the drivers behind it, and the actions we’ll take to support the Public Service’s commitment to eliminating the gender pay gap and achieving gender equity.


Our  plan focuses on the drivers of our gender pay gap and the Public Service Milestones of:

  1. Equal pay – eliminating gender pay gaps within the same roles and progressing pay equity claims.
  2. Flexible work by default – all roles to be treated as flexible, unless there is a good business reason for a role not to be.
  3. No bias or discrimination in human resources systems and practices - systems and practices are designed to remove bias, and managers are equipped to address bias
  4. Gender balanced leadership - women hold 50% of roles across the Public Service’s top three tiers of leadership and each agency has a target date for achieving balance (at least a 40/60% split) in their own leadership roles

Actions from the plan will be incorporated into our wider Diversity and Inclusion plan and progress will be monitored regularly.


You can download the 2011/2022 and previous years plans below.