The Land Transport Management Act(external link) was enacted on 12 November 2003 and was significantly updated in 2008 and 2013. 

What is the Land Transport Management Act 2003?

The Land Transport Management Act 2003 sets out the planning and funding framework that channels around $3 billion of central government funding annually into roading, public transport and traffic safety. Specifically the legislation:

  • establishes the hypothecated (dedicated) National Land Transport Fund that funds the NZ Transport Agency and local government to deliver land transport projects and services
  • sets out the central and local government transport plans that must be followed in order to allocate funds from the National Land Transport Fund to projects and services
  • establishes the NZ Transport Agency, which is responsible for allocating the National Land Transport Fund, co-funding local road and public transport activities, and managing the State highway network
  • sets out approval regimes for tolling new roads and for public private partnerships
  • sets out the legislative framework for planning and managing public transport, known as the Public Transport Operating Model.

Recent amendments - 2013

The Land Transport Management Amendment Bill has received the Royal assent and is now the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2013

Find out about the changes made by the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2013