The Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Act 2010 provides for the establishment of a new regional transport authority, Auckland Transport. The Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Act 2010 sets out Auckland Transport’s purpose, functions and governance rules. 

Read about the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act (the Act) on the Department of Internal Affairs website(external link)

The following provisions in the Act specifically relate to transport:

  • The Act established a statutory regional transport authority known as Auckland Transport.
  • Auckland Transport has a Board of up to eight voting members, including up to two Councillors nominated by the Auckland Council. The New Zealand Transport Agency is able to nominate a further non-voting member.
  • Auckland Transport is accountable to the Auckland Council who appoint the board and govern it as a Council Controlled Organisation under the Local Government Act 2002.
  • The Act makes the Auckland Council responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Auckland transport system through the Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy and in providing funding to Auckland Transport. 
  • Auckland Transport is responsible for the management and control of Auckland’s local roads and public transport system, including responsibility for preparing the Auckland Regional Land Transport Programme.
  • Auckland Transport controls:
    • Local roads fence-to-fence (although these will be owned by the Council)
    • Public transport services
    • Public transport assets owned by the Council or Auckland Transport 
  • The Auckland Council is able to delegate other transport functions to Auckland Transport, including management of off-street parking.
  • The Act requires that the Auckland Regional Land Transport Programme will continue to prioritise and bid for national funding of regional transport activities under the Land Transport Management Act. The Programme must be consistent with the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding and the Regional Land Transport Strategy prepared under the Land Transport Management Act.
  • The Regional Land Transport Programme also serves as a comprehensive programme for all transport activities funded by the Auckland Council and local boards.
  • Auckland Transport is the local road controlling authority for Auckland and assumes the majority of the transport related powers of a local authority under the 1974 and 2002 Local Government Acts, the Transport Act 1962 and the Land Transport Act 1998. Auckland Transport has the requiring authority powers of a network utility operator under the Resource Management Act 1991, and is responsible for public transport under the Public Transport Management Act 2008.
  • Auckland Transport is responsible for transport bylaws that are necessary for the management of local roads and public transport.  Auckland Council is also responsible for other transport related bylaws (eg property development, liquor bans, cruising, naming roads).
  • Consequential amendments include the disestablishment of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Auckland Regional Transport Network Limited and the Auckland Regional Transport Committee, and the repeal of related legislation under the Local Government (Auckland) Amendment Act 2004. The special arrangements set up to allocate functions between the Committee and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority under Schedule 7 of the Land Transport Management Act were also repealed.