In the transport context, rules set out requirements, and associated regulations specify whether a breach of a requirement in a rule is an offence and if it is, what penalty applies.  Regulations also set fees and charges.  Rules are made by the Minister of Transport, while regulations are made by the Governor-General as Orders in Council.

The Minister, in annual consultation with Cabinet, sets a programme for the development of all regulations and rules in the transport sector.  Cabinet considers the programme, which forms part of the annual agreements for rule development between the Secretary for Transport and the transport agencies.

Ordinary transport rules made by the Minister are administered by the New Zealand Transport Agency, Maritime New Zealand and the Civil Aviation Authority.

The following websites give details of draft rules in progress and how to comment on them, as well as providing a link to rules already in force. In some cases, paper copies of draft rules can be obtained free of charge and final rules can be purchased from the agency.

Land Transport Rules

Are available by contacting the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Visit the NZ Transport Agency website(external link).

Maritime and Marine Protection Rules

Are available by contacting Maritime New Zealand.

Visit the Maritime New Zealand website(external link).

Aviation Rules and regulations

Are available from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Visit the Civil Aviation Authority website(external link).

Commission Regimes

Two Commission Regimes were issued under section 89 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990:

View the Civil Aviation (Cargo Agents' Commission Regime) Notice 1983 and the Civil Aviation (Passenger Agents' Commission Regime) Notice 1983 [PDF, 1.1 MB]