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Rail trends

  • Rail commodity tonnage
  • Rail commodity tonne-km
  • Rail tonnage - trends, change, island to island
  • Rail tonne/km - trends, change, island to island

Rail commodity and container trends

  • Rail origin-destinations: Coal and dairy
  • Rail origin-destinations: Wood and other
  • Rail movements of shipping containers

Rail origin-destination tables

The following tables provide information on origin-destination rail movements.

  • a) Origin-destination tonnage (last four quarters)
  • b) Origin-destination tonne-km (last four quarters)
  • c) Top origin-destination pairs (last four quarters)
  • d) Origin-destination tonnage (by quarter)
  • e) Origin-destination tonne-km (by quarter)
  • f) Tonne and tonne-km totals (by quarter)