The Ministry of Transport published the second National Freight Demand study in early March 2014.

The study provides a snapshot of New Zealand's current freight task and a forecast of what New Zealand's future freight task will look like over the next 30 years.

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National Freight Demand Study 2014

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Updating the National Freight Demand Study

The National Freight Demand Study is the pivotal source of information on New Zealand’s freight task.

The first National Freight Demand Study (2008) guided freight infrastructure investment and land-use planning decisions across the public and private sectors.

But the 2008 Study reflected the freight sector as it was in 2006/07.  Since then events including the global financial crisis, the Canterbury earthquakes, and changes in international shipping operations and port call configurations have changed New Zealand’s freight task.

To restore the currency of the information, the Ministry contracted Deloitte to update the study. Deloitte assembled an experienced team of freight and infrastructure specialists including Richard Paling and Murray King - two of the authors of the first study.

The National Freight Demand Study 2014 provides information that will enable planning to be informed by more up-to-date forecasts. This is important to ensure that the right infrastructure is located at the right place and accessible at the right time.

The study will help ensure New Zealand’s transport infrastructure supports economic growth. The study will also help large transport operators.

The study is based on interviews with producers throughout New Zealand and transport operators in all modes – land and sea.

Read the Ministry's media release of 16 May 2013

National Freight Demand Study 2008