Clifford Bay ferry terminal not to proceed

The outcome of the commercial viability study into Clifford Bay means that Picton will remain as the southern terminal for the inter-island ferries.

The decision comes after a year-long investigation into the private benefits of the proposed terminal at Clifford Bay on Marlborough’s east coast between the towns of Seddon and Ward. 

The revenue available from the ferry operators and major freight users of Clifford Bay would only pay for about half the estimated cost of construction. This means that government would also have to pay about half the cost and manage the project risks.

In addition to investigating how Clifford Bay saves operators and users money, this year’s work by a Ministry of Transport-led project team also looked at what investment might be required at Picton.

The Picton ferry terminal can continue to function as the southern inter-island ferry terminal for the foreseeable future given the expected infrastructure and freight demand requirements.

It has been a time of uncertainty for the people of Marlborough, and Picton in particular. This decision should provide some certainty for the future of these communities.

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