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30 May 2024

Through Budget 2024, the Government has confirmed a $2.68 billion* investment in roads, rail and public transport. The funding package includes:

  • $1 billion to accelerate the delivery of the Roads of National Significance and major public transport projects
  • $939.3 million to repair roads damaged by last year’s North Island severe weather events
  • $266.9 million to upgrade and maintain the metropolitan rail networks in Auckland and Wellington
  • $200 million to support KiwiRail to carry out maintenance and renewals on the national rail network
  • $10 million for Airways New Zealand to complete the minimum operating network of Ground Based Navigation Aids
  • $44 million to support the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out core functions while fee and levy rates are under review
  • $23.1 million to support critical frontline rescue services to respond to severe weather events and emergencies
  • $63.6 million to support Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard New Zealand
  • refocusing $59.7 million of existing funding over the next four years to decarbonising the bus fleet, including zero emissions buses and charging infrastructure, and improvements to bus driver safety and working environments.

* The above total includes funding for initiatives that have been withheld due to commercial and/or negotiation sensitivity. Individual initiatives will therefore not add to the total quoted.


Read the Beehive media release: link)