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What you need to know

The Hamilton-Auckland Corridor connects two of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities. The parallel road and rail alignments, as well as the Waikato River, make it New Zealand’s most significant transport corridor.

From December 2018 to July 2020, we developed an interim indicative business case on the potential for rapid rail to help deliver the Governments aspirations for growth and economic development in the Corridor. This responded to a recommendation of the Shared Spatial Intent (known as Hei Awarua ki te Oranga) for the settlements between Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Papakura. The Shared Spatial Intent was produced in February 2019 by the Future Proof Partnership, recommending that that fast rail services between Hamilton and Auckland be considered to help integrate and strengthen the two economies.

The Minister has released the findings of the business case and Cabinet has agreed that we initiate a process to develop the next stages of the project.

The work to date

Jul 2020–Present

Further work on rapid rail initiated

Cabinet agreed on 29 July 2020 that we initiate a process to develop the next stages of the project.

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Dec 2018–Aug 2020

Hamilton-Auckland Intercity Connectivity Business Case developed and released

From December 2018 to July 2020, we worked closely with central and local government, and the Future Proof Partnership to develop the business case.

More information and related documents
Nov 2018

Hamilton to Auckland rapid rail indicative business case initiated

Cabinet agreed to initiate a business case process on the potential for rapid rail between Hamilton and Auckland, and asked for this process to consider a full range of options for rapid transit. 

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