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What you need to know

In September 2009 the Government agreed on the public policy transport objectives for the metro rail transport system in Auckland and Wellington. Since then, the Government has funded a number of metro rail projects in both cities, which has significantly increased the number of passengers on metro rail services.

Metro rail provides rapid, mass transit to and from the city centres, providing access to jobs, education and social opportunities. It helps reduce congestion on roads and supports productivity in our cities. It also supports more sustainable urban development, housing and growth. Metro passenger rail services share the network with freight and inter-regional services, and use electric trains, which are faster, quieter and more energy efficient with low emissions.

KiwiRail owns and operates the metro rail track network. It works with Auckland Transport and Greater Wellington Regional Council to align their metro rail priorities.

Recent Crown investments in metro rail include the Auckland City Rail Link, the New Zealand Upgrade Programme and funding through Budget 2020.

The work to date

Jan 2020–Present

New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZUP) underway

NZUP is a Crown-funded infrastructure package that includes targeted rail investment in Auckland and Wellington metro networks, to support rail and improve passenger services.

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City Rail Link Agreement in progress

In 2016, the Government and Auckland Council signed a heads of agreement, under which the Government would fund 50% of the City Rail Link (CRL), subject to the terms of the agreement being put in place.

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Sep 2009

Metropolitan Rail Operating Model agreed

In September 2009 the Cabinet Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee agreed on the key public policy transport objectives for the metro rail transport system.

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