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What you need to know

The Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rules are designed to improve heavy vehicle productivity and efficiency, and reduce compliance costs for drivers and companies without compromising the road transport system and road-user safety outcomes. 

The VDAM Rules came into effect in 2002 and have been amended several times. In 2015, we began working with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to review the Rules, and consulted the public on proposed changes in 2015 and in 2016. This resulted in the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 (2016 Rules), which took effect on 1 February 2017.

The 2016 Rules mean heavy vehicles can carry more freight or passengers on fewer trips. This increases efficiency while maintaining safety for other road users.

The work to date

Aug 2018–Apr 2019

Minor and technical Rule changes consulted on and come into effect

In August 2018, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Waka Kotahi consulted on proposed changes to Land Transport Rules, set out in Land Transport Rule: Regulatory Stewardship (Omnibus) Amendment 2018.

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Feb 2017

2016 Rules came into effect

The 2016 Rules benefit both the heavy vehicle industry and other road users, easing congestion by increasing weight limits for heavy vehicles and reducing the number of trips they can make.

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Jul 2016–Aug 2016

New Rules drafted and consulted on

Working with Waka Kotahi we drafted and consulted on the new Rules, which allowed operators to carry more in fewer trips by making better use of heavy vehicles’ existing capabilities and the road network capacity.

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Dec 2015–Feb 2016

VDAM Rules reviewed and consulted on

The purpose of the review and consultation on proposed changes to the VDAM Rules was to improve productivity and reduce compliance costs, while maintaining or improving safety.

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Jul 2002

VDAM Rules come into effect

The Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2002 (VDAM Rules) set heavy vehicle size and weight limits, and performance and use requirements, while balancing productivity, efficiency, safety and cost objectives.

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