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What you need to know

Our Future of the Transport Revenue System work will enable New Zealand to move with confidence and certainty towards a renewed transport revenue system that will be fit for purpose for the next 30 to 50 years.

The way we pay for the transport system has functioned well for decades, but it is time to reconsider how it works in the longer-term, because the way New Zealanders travel is changing.

We’ll focus on the land transport revenue system. We are considering the role that revenue, funding and pricing can play in meeting the transport needs of New Zealanders in the future.

The Future of the Transport Revenue System is a long-term piece of work.

Any change to the transport revenue system is a major undertaking that will affect all New Zealanders and future generations, so it is important that we take a thoughtful and considered approach to this work, including listening to what transport users think. Te Manatū Waka plans to research options and work closely with stakeholders during 2022-2023, and then consult more widely with the public from 2024. Detailed design work and development of the preferred options will come after that.

The work to date


From 4 October we are running an innovative public conversation forum that allows us to listen to a wide range of people and understand different perspectives in relation to how we should pay for the land transport system.

More information

Te Manatū Waka has been aware that we need to reconsider the land transport revenue system for a few years now. 

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