The Auckland Transport Alignment Project final report set out a clear direction for the development of Auckland’s transport system over the next 30 years.

Since completion in 2016 an updated 2017 report has been produced which takes into account the latest population forecasts and updated revenue and expenditure estimates. 

The Auckland Transport Alignment Project also considered a number of research reports that formed a source of information for the project.

Key milestones:

Interim Report

The Interim Report [PDF, 2.1 MB], released on 21 June 2016, contains the interim findings and conclusions from the work undertaken to date and sets out the emerging strategic approach. The ATAP project team also produced a project update [PDF, 1.2 MB] that highlights some of the preliminary findings and conclusions in a short format.

Foundation Report

The Foundation Report [PDF, 3.3 MB], released on 19 February 2016, outlines Auckland’s current and future transport challenges, and how the transport system needs to develop to meet the region’s needs. It also sets out how possible transport projects, services and policies will be evaluated in the next stages of the project.

Terms of Reference

On 27 August 2015, the Minister of Finance Hon Bill English, The Minister of Transport Hon Simon Bridges, the Mayor of Auckland Len Brown, and Auckland Councillor Bill Cashmore signed the Auckland Transport Alignment Project Terms of Reference [PDF, 479 KB], setting out a structure under which officials would work together.


Planning, funding and developing Auckland’s transport system is one of central and local government’s biggest transport challenges. It is essential that transport solutions are tackled head on, in order to secure the success of the region, and of New Zealand as a whole.

Auckland accounts for 34 percent of New Zealand‘s population and generates 35 percent of GDP. Therefore, the performance of Auckland’s transport network has implications for the whole economy. Over the next 30 years, Auckland’s population is expected to increase by more than 700,000 people, and freight volumes are expected to rise 78 percent. This growth will put significant pressure on the city’s transport system.

Through the Auckland Transport Alignment Project, the Government and Auckland Council agreed to work together to identify an aligned strategic approach for the development of Auckland’s transport system that delivers the best possible outcomes for Auckland and New Zealand.

The Government and Council are committed to ensuring Auckland’s transport system is able to meet the region’s needs, and recognise that Auckland will need significant investment in its transport system in the coming decades to provide for its forecast growth. The Government and Auckland Council have sought to ensure that investment in Auckland’s transport system will address the region’s transport challenges and provide value for money. The project also looked at how best to provide for the essential transport links both to Northland, and to the high volume freight routes between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Through the Auckland Transport Alignment Project, the Ministry of Transport, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, the NZ Transport Agency, Treasury and the State Services Commission have worked together to test alternative options for how Auckland’s transport system could develop.