The Ministry works with the NZ Transport Agency to provide a range of transport statistics.

Motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand

Spreadsheet tables and figures of the annual statistical statement on road crashes in New Zealand.

Crash fact sheets

These fact sheets outline useful statistical information on road safety issues, drawn from yearly motor vehicle crash data. Topics include alcohol, speed, fatigue, young drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and diverted attention.

Monthly overview of crash statistics

Latest monthly overview of fatal and injury crash statistics.

High risk driver statistics

Statistics showing the impact of high risk drivers.

Regional road safety

Information on regional road safety issues.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries

Information about the average and total social cost of road crashes and injuries occured in New Zealand.

Rail safety statistics

Information about rail level crossing incidents, crashes and casualties.

How crash data is collected

CAS: the Crash Analysis System(external link)

CAS is an integrated computer system that provides tools to collect, map, query and report on road crash and related data. This page on the NZ Transport Agency website includes information for those interested in accessing CAS.

Crash data collection

Information on how crash statistics are collected.