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Monthly Motor Vehicle registrations

Please note the following section of content is possibly being delivered from an external source (IFRAME in HTML terms), and may present unusual experiences for screen readers.
  • This page shows summaries of light (gross vehicle mass < 3,500kg) motor vehicles registered per month or in selected date ranges.
  • All sub-pages allow the characteristics shown to be modified using the ‘View selection’ dropdown menu.
  • Where relevant, projected targets can be shown for various years, based on the mean tare weight of vehicles in the selected period.
  • Similarly, the results can be filtered by other dropdown menus or, where relevant, the size of CO2 bands changed or date ranges set for comparison.
  • All CO2 values are in g/km and refer to 3-phase WLTP (where available; where not, available values have been converted as accurately as possible).
  • Only vehicle-use exhaust CO2 emissions are considered.
  • Aggregate CO2 values are the sum of the g/km values for each vehicle.
  • Where an overall mean/sum line is shown, this refers to the the vehicles included in the user-selected filtering.
  • All data comes from the Waka Kotahi NZTA MVR database.