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Motorcycle registrations

  • This page shows summaries of motorcycles and mopeds registered per month or in selected date ranges.
  • All sub-pages allow the characteristics shown to be modified using the ‘View selection’ dropdown menu.
  • Similarly, the results can be filtered by other dropdown menus or, where relevant, the date ranges set for comparison.
  • Relaible values for CO2 emissions are not available for motorcycles so these are not shown.
  • Where an overall mean/sum line is shown, this refers to the the vehicles included in the user-selected filtering.
  • All data comes from the Waka Kotahi NZTA MVR database.


  • Time series
    • Number of vehicles registered.
    • Market share (per month).
    • Mean age of vehicles when registered.
  • Vehicles registered by make in selected period.
  • Table of vehicles registered by model in selected period.



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