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What we publish

We publish a number of corporate documents and reports each year, such as our annual reports, statements of intent and cabinet papers. We also publish information relating to independent reviews and Official Information Act requests.

Annual reports

Our annual reports provide information about the Ministry, our achievements over the year, as well as financial statements and performance management information.  

All annual reports(external link) 

Statements of Intent

Our Statement of Intent sets out our work programme over a 4-year period, providing a full outline of what we plan to do and why.

Statement of Intent 2018/22  [PDF, 1.3 MB]

All statements of intent 

Briefings list

We release lists of briefings we have given to the Minister and Associate Ministers of Transport for the last 12 months. Other ministers may have also received a copy of the advice for their information.

Ministers receive a wide range of advice and information from us and our sector partners, which they use to make decisions across the transport sector. 

We list the Minister the briefing was addressed to.

We have withheld some information when the reason for doing so outweighs public interest.

Briefing lists 

Cabinet papers

Cabinet and Cabinet Committee papers and minutes are released by the Ministry, the Minister or Associate Ministers. Releases may include additional documents that relate to the Cabinet paper. 

Some information may be redacted. We consider the Official Information Act 1982 before making any redactions.

Cabinet papers 

Briefings for incoming ministers

We provide incoming ministers with a briefing that provides an overview of ministers’ responsibilities. It also explains what we do and how the transport sector is structured and funded.

We also provide incoming ministers with a joint sector briefing, which we prepare together with the Civil Aviation Authority, Maritime New Zealand, the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Transport Accident Investigation Commission. This document provides an introduction to the transport sector and how the agencies will work with the ministers.

Briefings to previous incoming Ministers or Associate Ministers of Transport are available for reference only.

Briefings to incoming ministers 

Independent reviews

We carry out reviews on behalf of the Minister of Transport, but also commission external agencies to review matters, for example to identify best practice and how to improve performance. The reasons for a review can vary depending on circumstances.

Independent reviews 

Official Information Act (OIA) requests

We publish OIA responses when the information is likely to be of public interest. We do not publish information that is governed by the Privacy Act 1993.

Information on making a OIA request to the Ministry

Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA)

Policy initiatives that propose any change to regulations require a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA).

RIAs summarise our advice and supporting research on regulatory proposals. When Government is planning regulatory changes, RIAs provide ministers with robust analysis and informed advice to support their decision-making.

An RIA outlines the:

  • problem
  • objectives and proposed options
  • social and economic costs and benefits, and
  • proposed approach to consultation, implementation, monitoring and subsequent review of the policy proposal.

Regulatory Impact Assessments