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Rapid review into KiwiRail’s handling of recent disruptions to passenger services

In May 2023 the Government commissioned a rapid review into KiwiRail following disruptions to passenger rail users in Wellington and Auckland.

The final report was issued on 1 September 2023. Here is a copy of the final report(external link).

The terms of reference for the review were released 10 May 2023. Here is a copy of the terms of reference.

Review of the Clean Car consultation process

In 2019, we commissioned RDC Group to review how and why we decided to block emails during the Clean Car Standard consultation process, including what led to some emails being treated as spam by our information technology system.

In February 2020 we published RDC Group’s independent review and in March 2020 we published our response.

Independent Review of the Ministry of Transport's Processes for Undertaking Consulatation on the Clean Car Standard [PDF, 338 KB]

Response to the Review of the Clean Car Consultation Process [PDF, 176 KB]

Clean Cars

Review of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) organisational culture

In September 2019, the Minister of Transport directed the Ministry to undertake a review of the organisational culture of the CAA and Aviation Security Service (Avsec). We commissioned RDC Group to provide external support. We completed the review in April 2019.

Beehive release: Review of CAA organisational culture released(external link)

Review of the Civil Aviation Authority Organisational Culture [PDF, 1014 KB]

Civil Aviation Authority Board Chair Response to the Review [PDF, 630 KB]

Full Terms of Reference for the Review of the Civil Aviation Authority Organisational Culture [PDF, 203 KB]

Review of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s regulatory performance

In September 2018, Waka Kotahi’s Board raised concerns that the agency was not performing its regulatory functions as it should be. The concerns related to a backlog of regulatory compliance cases that had not been appropriately managed.

We led the review on behalf of the Minister, and engaged consulting firm MartinJenkins to provide external support. The review was completed in June 2019.

Beehive release: Review into NZTA regulatory performance(external link)

Cabinet paper: Review of the New Zealand Transport Agency's Regulatory Capability and Performance [PDF, 1.4 MB] 

Review into the Regulatory Capability and Performance of the New Zealand Transport Agency  [PDF, 3.2 MB]

MartinJenkins: Review of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Regulatory Capability and Performance  [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Regulatory Impact Statement: Strengthening NZTA’s Regulatory Capability and Performance [PDF, 696 KB]


Review of Ministry of Transport’s monitoring of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s performance

At the same time as the review of Waka Kotahi’s regulatory performance, the Secretary of Transport commissioned MartinJenkins to undertake a review of how well we were monitoring Waka Kotahi’s performance. MartinJenkins completed the review in August 2019.

Media release: Review of the Ministry of Transport’s Monitoring Performance of NZTA released  [PDF, 228 KB]

MartinJenkins: Review of the Ministry’s of Transport’s Monitoring of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Regulatory Performance  [PDF, 535 KB]

Review of Harrison fraud

In 2017 we released several documents relating to fraud committed by Joanne Harrison, a former senior manager at the Ministry of Transport. These included independent reviews we commissioned to look into our financial controls and employment screening processes.