In September 2018, the NZ Transport Agency’s Board raised concerns that the Agency’s regulatory function was not performing as it should be. The concerns principally related to a backlog of regulatory compliance cases that had not been appropriately managed.

In November 2018 Transport Minister Phil Twyford asked the Ministry of Transport to undertake a review of the New Zealand Transport Agency to provide an independent assessment of the Agency’s regulatory functions.

The Ministry led the review, and engaged consulting firm MartinJenkins to provide external support. MartinJenkins also undertook an assessment of the Ministry’s monitoring role.

The following documents are now available:

  1. Media release - Minister of Transport Phil Twyford(external link)
  2. NZTA regulatory review - Cabinet paper [PDF, 1.4 MB]
  3. Ministry of Transport review on NZTA’s regulatory capability and performance [PDF, 3.2 MB]
  4. MartinJenkins review of NZTA’s regulatory capability and performance [PDF, 1.3 MB]
  5. Media release - Ministry of Transport [PDF, 228 KB]
  6. MartinJenkins review of the Ministry’s monitoring performance [PDF, 535 KB]
  7. Regulatory Impact Statement - Strengthening NZTAs regulatory capability and performance [PDF, 696 KB]