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What you need to know

New Southern Sky is a 10-year programme to implement the National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan (the plan) and modernise New Zealand’s aviation system.

We developed New Zealand’s National Airspace Policy (the policy) with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the National Airspace and Air Navigation Advisory Forum. The policy was issued in 2012 and set the framework for the CAA to develop the plan, which was published in 2014.

The policy sets out principles for the classification and design of airspace, the funding of air traffic management and air navigation services, and the resilience of the airspace system. The plan is New Zealand’s response to the Global Air Navigation Plan developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization to promote good practice and a harmonised global air navigation system. The policy and plan mean the aviation sector can plan and make air navigation and air traffic management investment decisions with certainty.

The work to date


Plan published and programme in place

The National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan, a guidance document developed by the CAA in collaboration with the aviation sector, was approved by Cabinet in early 2014. The plan sets a direction to modernise New Zealand’s aviation system, incorporating new and emerging technology into the aviation system under the New Southern Sky programme.

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Apr 2012

Policy released

The National Airspace Policy stated the Government’s views and expectations for airspace, air navigation and air traffic management and clarified for the aviation industry how New Zealand’s airspace would be developed and modernised.

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