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What you need to know

Over the next 30 years it is expected that around a million more people will live in Auckland. This growth will place increasing pressure on the city’s transport systems. The Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) 2018, identifies the transport priorities for Auckland — delivering the Auckland Light Rail project (City Centre to Māngere) is one of these. 

The Auckland Light Rail project refers to the future expansion of Auckland’s mass transit system, currently trains and buses, with a light rail network. Light rail is the name given to a range of options including trams, also known as street cars, which run on city streets, and light metro which runs on dedicated tracks separate to street traffic.

ATAP identified the City Centre to Māngere (CC2M) corridor as the first part of the light rail network to be developed, with expansion to the north and north-west to follow in the future. ATAP’s work was informed by research and planning undertaken by Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency over several years. Through this work, light rail was identified as the preferred mode for the corridor.

Auckland Transport Alignment Project 

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The work to date

Jun 2020

Options for the public service delivery model being developed

In June 2020, Cabinet directed us, together with Treasury, to build on the previous work. With support from ATAP agencies, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, we are developing options for the public service delivery of CC2M that could be presented to the new Government following the 2020 general election.

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Feb 2020–Jun 2020

Cabinet process to select preferred delivery partner for CC2M facilitated

Ministers considered advice on the selection of a preferred delivery partner for CC2M and engaged in cross-party discussions.

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Dec 2019–Feb 2020

Proposals from Waka Kotahi and NZ Infra evaluated

Waka Kotahi and NZ Infra submitted their proposals to us on 29 November 2019. We coordinated a confidential evaluation process through which both proposals were deemed credible. In February 2020, the Secretary for Transport provided advice to the Minister of Transport on the appointment of the preferred delivery partner.

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Jul 2019–Nov 2019

Coordinated a process to choose a preferred delivery partner for CC2M

In June 2019, Cabinet directed us to run a parallel process, also known as the twin-track process, with Waka Kotahi and NZ Infra so their options for developing CC2M could be evaluated against a common set of criteria and the Government could choose a preferred delivery partner.

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Apr 2018–Jun 2019

NZ Infra unsolicited bid to deliver CC2M received

Waka Kotahi was developing a business case for CC2M when in April 2018 NZ Infra, a joint venture between the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and Canadian institutional investors CDPQ Infra, submitted an unsolicited bid to deliver CC2M. This is the point at which we became involved in the project.

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