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The Government is committed to ensuring an equitable transition to low-emissions transport and this initiative will be a key part of that. The Clean Car Upgrade (Upgrade) seeks to make low-emission vehicles and low-emission alternatives more affordable for low- and moderate-income households, by lowering their costs enough to make them accessible. The Upgrade aims to do this through removing unsafe and high emissions vehicles, and replacing them with safe, low- and zero-emissions vehicles and other forms of low-emissions transport.

The work to date


Clean Car Upgrade Trial 2023

Decisions about the locations of the trial are yet to be announced. However, we expect that the trial will commence in 2023.  

An evaluation of the trial will be completed in 2024. The evaluation will inform Cabinet’s decisions on the future of the Clean Car Upgrade, including whether it will be expanded and if so, any improvements that would be made.

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