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About this work

Starting in 2014, we researched and published a range of papers with a view to stimulating wider debate on the future of transport in New Zealand.

In 2014 and 2015, we published papers on 3 topics: future travel demand, transport and economic development, and future funding of the transport system. These were followed in 2016 by a paper that looked at how regulation of transport might need to change in response to new technologies.

The work to date

Aug 2016

Regulation 2025 report released

The Regulation 2025 project explored the potential impact of technology on transport in New Zealand alongside how we as a society might be willing to adopt new technology. The project’s key question was whether we could simply adapt the current regulation to meet future needs, or if we would require a new regulatory system to support changes to transport in the future.

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May 2016

Report on taking a real options approach to transport planning released

This project came out of strategic papers released in 2014, particularly Future demand and Economic development and transport, which showed that it is unwise to make decisions about investment in transport infrastructure based on existing information and simplistic projections from past trends. We researched an alternative approach that uses ‘real options’.

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Nov 2014

Final Future Demand report released

Our Future Demand project explored how our personal travel needs might change by developing 4 scenarios for the future of transport through to 2042. They were not predictions or preferences for the transport system, but rather a range of plausible ideas that could help to inform government transport investment decisions.

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Nov 2014

Reports on economic development and transport released

This project examined how our transport system can best support New Zealand‘s economic development. We explored international theories of economic development and the specific contribution of transport, future transport options for New Zealand out to 2042, and then invited discussion about the implications of these for our transport system.

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Nov 2014

Future funding reports released

This project explored different options to test the level of government investment in land transport and considered different approaches to setting funding bands based on affordability and need. We released the papers with the aim of informing and stimulating wider debate.

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Get in touch

During our research we created other documents to support our final reports. Many of these are available on request.