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What you need to know

A high-quality transport system is crucial to supporting and improving our wellbeing. To help government and the transport sector take a strategic approach, we developed the Transport Outcomes Framework, which sets a purpose for the transport system centred around the wellbeing of New Zealanders and the liveability of places. It outlines 5 outcome areas to contribute to this purpose: inclusive access, healthy and safe people, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and resilience and security. The Transport Outcomes Framework clarifies for everyone involved what we are aiming to achieve, why this is important and how we will work together to achieve our goals.

The Transport Outcomes Framework does not set out the specific interventions the government will pursue to deliver the outcomes, but it helps the transport sector work together, provides a framework for assessing the effectiveness of policy, and ensures all forms of transport are considered when planning, investment and regulatory decisions are made.

The final Transport Outcomes Framework was endorsed by the Minister of Transport in June 2018 following stakeholder feedback on a draft framework. In March 2020, we published a set of indicators for the 5 outcomes. Since June 2018, the framework has been progressively embedded in the strategic frameworks used by the transport sector. It has also been used to inform a number of policy initiatives, including the road safety strategy, Road to Zero and the Future of Rail review.

The work to date

Jun 2021

Transport Indicators online dashboard released

We have developed a Transport Indicators interactive online dashboard.

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Mar 2020

First set of progress indicators released

The published set of indicators helps the transport sector measure progress against the transport outcomes.

More information and related documents
Jun 2018

Framework endorsed by the Minister of Transport

Since the Minister of Transport endorsed the Transport Outcomes Framework, the transport sector has used it to inform strategic planning, guide policy development and make investment decisions.

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Feb 2018–Apr 2018

Collaboration with stakeholders helped us develop the Transport Outcomes Framework

We held a series of workshops with government and transport sector stakeholders including the Transport Sector Leadership Group, which comprises the Chief Executives of government transport agencies.

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