Over the last decade there has been a marked decrease in the popularity of motorcycling. Between 1989/90 and 1997/98 motorcycle ownership fell by 40 percent and total distance ridden fell by almost as much.

  • In particular, motorcycle use has fallen among the high-risk 15-24 age group, who rode 120 million km in 1989/90 but less than 30 million km in 1997/98.
  • The overall decrease in motorcycle ownership is almost entirely the result of a decrease in ownership of smaller motorcycles and scooters, especially those under 125cc, which compete with cheaper cars as practical urban transport. The increased availability of cheaper used cars from overseas has brought car ownership within reach of many, especially younger, people.
  • Between 1989/90 and 1997/98 there has been some increase in ownership of larger, more expensive motorcycles (over 750cc) but the total distance travelled on motorcycles of this size has almost halved.

Distance ridden by engine size of motorcycle


Distance ridden by age of rider

* The figures quoted here exclude motorcycle pillion passengers.

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