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What you need to know

We need to understand and measure the effects of transport costs and charges so we can make effective transport policies.

Transport costs comprise the total costs of the transport system and its use — total costs mean the financial, economic, social, safety, health and environmental costs. Transport charges are the payments made to use the transport system. These payments include vehicle operating costs and direct charges such as freight rates or passenger fares.

Collecting information and data helps us to understand the costs associated with different transport modes and how those costs compare with the charges paid by transport users.

The work to date

Dec 2019–Present

Domestic Transport Costs and Charges Study commissioned

The Domestic Transport Costs and Charges Study (DTCC) aims to improve our understanding of the costs of the New Zealand transport system, including road, rail, coastal shipping and domestic passenger aviation, on the country’s economy, environment and population. It also looks at costs relative to the charges or burdens facing transport users.

More information and related documents
May 2018–Jul 2011

Understanding Transport Costs and Charges Project completed

We commissioned Hyder Consulting to collect information to help us understand the effect of transport costs and charges

More information and related documents

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