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What you need to know

In March 2020 the Government set up a COVID-19 support package including an initial NZD$600 million to support aviation. From this amount, $320 million was originally allocated to the International Air Freight Capacity (IAFC) scheme. Based on forecast demand, extending the scheme to March 2021 will require an additional allocation of $52 million, which will be drawn from the aviation relief package.

To support domestic connectivity the Government allocated NZD$30 million to the Essential Transport Connectivity (ETC) Scheme for aviation initiatives and an additional NZD$20 million for an ETC non-aviation initiatives.

Maintaining a network that delivers effective regional connectivity is vital for New Zealand's social and economic wellbeing, and is critical for the COVID-19 recovery.

We administer the schemes. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) provides support to exporters.

The work to date

May 2020–Present

International Air Freight Capacity (IAFC) Scheme

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 80% of New Zealand’s airfreight was carried in the belly-hold of passenger aircraft, with the remaining 20% carried by cargo-only freighters. Pre-COVID there were approximately 550 international passenger flights into and out of New Zealand per week.

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May 2020

Essential Transport Connectivity (ETC) scheme established

The ETC scheme provides support for transport providers in the short to medium term. The scheme’s goal is to ensure capacity, regional connectivity and essential services continue in the wake of COVID-19.

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