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What you need to know

Investment in New Zealand’s land transport system is funded through the National Land Transport Fund under the framework set out in the Land Transport Management Act (LTMA) 2003. This framework ensures that funding contributes to an effective, efficient and safe land transport system.

In addition to funding provided through the LTMA process, the Government can also contribute additional Crown funding directly to transport projects or programmes to advance or achieve certain outcomes, priorities or objectives outside of the LTMA process.



The work to date

Jun 2021

Re-balanced NZ Upgrade Programme announced

On 4 June 2021, the Government confirmed the direction and funding commitment to deliver the NZ Upgrade Programme (NZUP). 

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Apr 2020

Infrastructure Industry Reference Group set up

In April 2020, the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group (IRG), supported by Crown Infrastructure Partners, started the process of identifying infrastructure projects that could be part of an economic stimulus package to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 within New Zealand.

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Jan 2020

New Zealand Upgrade Programme announced

On 29 January 2020, the Government announced the NZD$12 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme, which includes NZD$6.8 billion of Crown investment across 24 land transport projects in rail, roads, public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure across New Zealand.

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Nov 2017

Provincial Growth Fund announced

In November 2017, the Government announced the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), an NZD$3 billion, 3-year investment focused on regional economic development in New Zealand.

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Aug 2014

Urban Cycleways Programme set up

In August 2014, the Government established the NZD$100 million Urban Cycleways Fund, which led to the NZD$333 million Urban Cycleways Programme being delivered. The purpose of the programme was to improve how cycling infrastructure was set up in the main urban centres.

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Jun 2014

Accelerated Regional Roading Package announced

In June 2014, the Government announced Crown funding to accelerate a number of regionally important state highway projects that would be rolled out in 3 tranches across the country.

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