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What you need to know

Vehicles and devices used on footpaths, shared paths, cycle paths and cycle lanes are categorised into different groups to help regulators, councils and the public understand where and how they can be used. However, the increased use of new vehicles and devices such as mobility scooters, e-bikes and e-scooters have introduced both challenges and benefits. We need to update how we categorise vehicles and devices to help the Government and councils accommodate new and emerging forms of transport and ensure they are used in a safe way.

Accessible Streets is one of 15 actions proposed as part of the initial action plan under the new Road to Zero strategy. It is a collection of Land Transport Rule changes designed to improve safety for footpath users, encourage active modes of transport, and support the creation of more liveable and vibrant towns and cities. In particular, Accessible Streets aims to support a shift from private vehicles to more energy efficient, low-cost and healthier modes of transport like walking, cycling and public transport. Everyone who uses the transport network will be affected by these proposed changes.

The work to date

May 2020–Present

Summary of submissions preparation

Waka Kotahi is currently reviewing submissions and will prepare a summary of the feedback received. Waka Kotahi is also preparing a Disability Impact Assessment and a revised Regulatory Impact Statement based on the consultation outcomes. Together with the summary of feedback, these will inform our advice to Government on what, if any, changes are required to the package of Rule changes.

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Feb 2020–May 2020

Accessible Streets consultation

In February 2020, Cabinet agreed to a public consultation on the draft amendment rules in the Accessible Streets Regulatory Package. Waka Kotahi hosted the consultation between March and May.

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May 2019–Sep 2019

Draft amendments developed

In May 2019 Cabinet authorised ministers to develop the draft amendments to the Land Transport Rules for the proposed Accessible Streets Package. The amendments were designed to reflect the new ways that people travel and to increase their safety when using the transport system.

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Jun 2018–Mar 2019

Accessible Streets Package developed and drafted

We developed a draft package of regulatory changes for Cabinet to review. Initially called the Vulnerable Users and Pathways Package, it was later named the Accessible Streets Regulatory Package. We worked closely with Waka Kotahi to develop the draft Cabinet paper and Regulatory Impact Statement, and also received feedback from the police.

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Apr 2018

New road safety strategy work began

We started working with our government transport partners on a new road safety strategy and a planned programme of short to medium-term initiatives to improve road safety. This included an initiative to amend transport rules to improve safety and accessibility for vulnerable users.

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Nov 2017

Understanding active travel challenges and opportunities

We provided the Associate Minister of Transport with background information on how New Zealanders use public transport, and when they walk and cycle. We also noted opportunities to increase the uptake of public transport and active modes of transport.

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