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What you need to know

The fast development of the drone industry has given rise to significant opportunities for economic, innovation and social benefits for New Zealand, and in 2019 the Government committed to integrating drones into our transport system.

With the support of the Civil Aviation Authority, we are reviewing New Zealand's drone regulatory settings to address current and emerging issues from the use of drones. We are also exploring a range of regulatory options to find progressive ways to integrate drones into the aviation system.

In September 2019 we consulted stakeholders about drone safety and regulation, and released a summary of their feedback in late 2019. We expect to consult the public on the proposals later this year. 

The work to date

May 2020

Summary of stakeholder feedback published

We summarised the feedback we received from stakeholders who responded to the Drone Safety and Regulation Summary of Engagement.

More information and related documents
Sep 2019–Nov 2019

Consultation with stakeholders about the safety and regulation of drones

In September 2019, we went out to selected stakeholders across the aviation sector and drone user groups to test our early thinking on a range of possible regulatory options.

More information and related documents

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