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What you need to know

In collaboration with other government departments, we have published ‘Taking flight: an aviation system for the automated age’. This paper sets out the Government’s vision, high-level objectives and the fundamental building blocks that will be the basis for ongoing work to integrate drones into the aviation system and wider transport sector.

The paper is not intended to set out exactly how drones will be used, or the rules and technological requirements that will apply to drones.

We released the first draft in September 2018 and sought feedback from stakeholders in the drone sector and the general aviation sector. The final paper was released in July 2019 and has since helped to inform the cross-government work programme on drones.

The work to date

Jul 2019

Final version of paper released by Minister

Our paper aims to provide the drone — that is, unmanned aircraft (UA) — sector with a clear understanding of the Government’s role and strategic direction in safely integrating drones into the aviation system and broader transport system.

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Sep 2018

Draft paper released for public feedback

We released a draft paper to get feedback from interested stakeholders. The feedback helped us refine the paper, and balance the concerns of the aviation sector against the benefits drones might provide.

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